Beaverlodge Craft Club

is the umbrella group that supports our Pottery and Weaving Guilds. We are located in the basement of the Cultural Center and offer bright, clean, well-equipped studio spaces to both groups. Presently we have 13 active weavers, and 10 potters and are always open to new members. Our fees are  $70/year for an individual membership and $100/ year per family.  Supplies are extra.

Our Weaving studio offers 12 table looms of various sizes, two 60” flying shuttle floor looms, (one 8 harness and one 4 harness) two 45” 8 harness looms, four 45” 4 harness looms, as well as additional equipment such as warping wheels, bobbin winders, etc. The past two years we have not offered a beginners class, rather have incorporated new members into what we are working on. This has been very well received. It is an opportunity to try weaving and produce products without the expense of purchasing a home loom. It is fun to work with other weavers and learn from their years of experience. Presently we are meeting on Tues. mornings 9 – noon


Our Pottery studio offers 3 electric wheels, a new Skutt electronic kiln, capable of firing to cone 6.  We have a wide selection of hand building tools plus we offer clay for sale to keep our potters well supplied. We take our beginners under our wing and are having success with this. We get together Wed. evenings. 7 – 10 pm. This is flexible and we have some members willing to accommodate our beginners needs. Once again it is a very inexpensive way to explore the wonderful world of pottery and meet new and enthusiastic people.

For more information or to make plans to visit us, please call, Lynne Brown 780-354-2371 (Weaving), or April Smith 780-354-8477 (Pottery)