Artists (list)

Artist biographies and/or personal artist statements of artists who have exhibited at BACS or have upcoming exhibitions.
(If you name is missing from the list and you would like to contribute information about yourself please contact us. or submit one yourself here)

Artist Primary Medium Home Active decades
Judith Brown Painting, Mixed media, Fibre Spirit River 1980s - present
Holly Crichton Painting Grovedale - present
Mickey Death Painting Lymburn - present
Vicki Hotte Painting Beaverlodge - present
Elizabeth Hutchinson Painting Grande Prairie - present
Donna Kaut Oil on canvas Grande Prairie present
Carolyn Kosabeck Painting Spirit River - present
Darla Dawn Lukac Watercolour, Acrylic Sexsmith, Alberta
Agnes McDonald Painting
Euphemia (Betty) McNaught Painting, mixed media Beaverlodge 1920-2000
Leah Penner Painting - present
Toni Schuler
Jean Wagner Painting Goodfare, Beaverlodge 1970?-2012
Shirley Weiss Painting Sturgeon Lake - present
Wendi Nordell Painting Wembley - present
Yvonne Dickson Painting Grande Prairie - present