Crystal Mysko

This is Just the Beginning

I am a mom, wife, and teacher. I live on an acreage outside of Grande Prairie with my husband and four year old son. I grew up on a cattle and crop farm in Woking with my parents and two sisters and have taught at Beaverlodge Elementary School for many years.

Painting and drawing have always been a hobby of mine. I would take a few classes here and there through YouTube, and doodle on my own. It is only in the last 1½ years or so that I’ve taken painting more seriously and have dedicated time to my hobby weekly.
Many of my lessons have come from local teachers/artists like Janet Enfield and Dan Arberry. I am also influenced by abstract pop-artists: Thomas Fedro, Fabio Napoleoni, and Romero Britto. I love using bold, intense colors.

This opportunity came up while attending another artist’s exhibit here at the Beaverlodge Cultural Center. This is my first Art show ever! It will also be my son’s first!  Being a mom, I couldn’t help but share this opportunity with my boy. While this is stepping out of my comfort zone a little, I am very thankful for the opportunity. And hopefully – this is the beginning of a new chapter in my painting career.

Crystal Mysko

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