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Accession No. Artist Title Date
BACS 001: John McNaught Aunt Margaret pre 1834
BACS 002: Harriet Fellers Peaceful Moments
BACS 003: R.E. Leake Kinuseo Falls on the Murray River 1939
BACS 004: Jim Adrain Swans
BACS 005: Jim Adrain Circa '24- A Study on Printed Paper (old House, Debolt, AB) Oct-80
BACS 006: Euphemia McNaught Homestead?
BACS 007: Euphemia McNaught Swans
BACS 008: Euphemia McNaught Martin Horses
BACS 009: Euphemia McNaught Moore's Ranch 1960
BACS 010: Euphemia McNaught RCMP Library
BACS 011: Euphemia McNaught Early Rio Grande 05-Jun-97
BACS 012: Haze/Lynn Sims Dunvegan Bridge?
BACS 013: Jean Wagner Mountie?
BACS 014: Jean Wagner The Snow Fence
BACS 015: Madelon Truax Late Evening Harvest May-79
BACS 016: Robert Guest Winter On The Wapiti
BACS 017: John G.N. Davidson Beaverlodge and A Storm Over The Rockies 1982
BACS 018: Neil Harris Bear
BACS 019: Germaine Hamel River?
BACS 020: Germaine Hamel Horse And Dog
BACS 021: Marjorie Hunkin Homestead Cabin 1970
BACS 022: M. Martin Grandmother's House 1990
BACS 023: Corinne Cowan Remembering Yesterday
BACS 024: Corinne Cowan Appelton Church And School
BACS 025: Corinne Cowan Looking Back
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