Carolyn Kosabeck

Primary Medium
Spirit River
- present

Carolyn was born and raised in the Peace Country and is the third of the Three Generation
Watercolourists. Although she experiments with pencil drawing, soapstone carving, murals and
bookbinding, watercolour has always been her favourite medium. Photographic pursuits provide
a database of reference material. Carolyn has been showing her work since the age of 16 and her
paintings, photos and books can be found in galleries, gift shops and sales throughout the Peace
Country. Teaching children and adults in a variety of media keeps art in general fresh and
inspiring, as does the ever-changing beauty of the Peace Country, the Rockies, or other travel
destinations. Carolyn paints landscapes, close-up studies, wildlife, pets, portraits and flowers:
any subject that offers the intrigue of challenge. Her art teachers have included Evelyn E. Harris,
Judith A. Brown, Jack Reid, Jake Mohl and Rien Poortvliet.  She has been a member of the
Peace Watercolour Society since 2012.
It is especially fulfilling to achieve a painting that stirs a memory or a feeling, in herself or
someone else. Carolyn says, "I want to show you the things I cannot see and have you tell me
that you can. No one can or will experience a painting in the same way the artist does. That's the
beauty of watercolour: what you see may even change from moment to moment as light or
perspective alters."
Carolyn lives in Spirit River with her husband, Joshua, who is also a watercolourist.