Yvonne Dickson

Primary Medium
Grande Prairie
- present


I am a local artist, born and raised in Grande Prairie.  I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in this fine part of Alberta.  The theme of my work reflects my experiences at home as well as abroad.

My journey with art began with an Acrylic Landscape Painting course offered by GPRC, I enrolled to keep a very good friend company. From there, our GP Guild of Artists evolved, and I have been a member since it was formed in 1983.  

Over the years my interests have changed and I moved from using Acrylic and canvas to Watercolour and paper as my medium of choice.  Watercolour is a very charming medium that requires patience when studying its nature and learning how to work with it. In the early days my reason for becoming a Guild member was to maintain the learning curve that I had begun through the GPRC Landscape painting course. My favourite tools that I work with on a regular basis are Schminke pigments and 300 lb. cold pressed Arches watercolour paper. 

When I am engaged in the process of creating a new image, I am totally involved.  It presents a wonderful sense of complete absorption, hence it is a very relaxing experience for me. I do enjoy showing my work from time to time, as it is an opportunity to share with the viewer.  Working through the process of creating art has provided opportunities of new and cherished friendships, as well as the ongoing support and access to well-known and credible instructors.

I am complimented to have been invited by Catherine to have a show of my work in BACS Mini Gallery. I trust that the Gallery patrons will enjoy spending a few minutes viewing my show “A few of my favourites!” It humbles me to think that other people enjoy having my work hanging on their walls