Leah Penner

Primary Medium
- present

The journey of my life and the artistic road I am taking may be not very adventurous or exciting enough to write in a book.  I grew up on a farm in beautiful Goodfare country with my parents and two sisters and constant canine companions. Throughout my life I enjoyed nature and exploring ever changing life around me. I was blessed with having a very artistic talented mother whom inspired me to become an artist. As life has trials for all people my biggest battle was and still is overcoming social anxiety. Shyness was and is my constant challenge to overcome. I never went to art school or took any courses other than high school art class; I just had a deep interest in art. What art brings me is that boldness and happiness that shyness tries stealing.  Every stroke of the paintbrush is one positive step ahead for me. I love all the artistic talent that this town has and that also inspires me. Every person has their trials and every painted canvas shows they are winning at being who they are meant to be. I hope to always learn from others and take their advice to heart. The artists heart makes the world a better place.